Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Install High availability cluster on centos

Server 1: test1
Type : luci - Cluster Management server

Server 2: test2
Type : ricci - Cluster Node

Server 3 : test3
Type : ricci - Cluster Node

Step 1:

Install luci in test1,

 yum -y install luci
chkconfig luci on
 service luci start

Now luci available on port 8084 in web browser.

Step 2:

Install ricci on test2 and test3,

yum -y install ricci
passwd ricci
chkconfig ricci on
service ricci start

Step 3:

Create an cluster with conga through luci web interface.
1. Add nodes to the cluster.
2. It will install all cluster add-on packages to node servers automatically.

Now test2 & test3 are added on Cluster.

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