Tuesday, 4 August 2015

P2V Migration in VMware


i need to migrate a Linux box with no downtime to ESXi and with VMware tool that is not possible or i don't know how because you can't install the VCenter Converter into a linux OS and to the live migration with synchronization.

Does any 1 know a way to do this?


Of course, we can migrate the Linux physical machine to ESXi host using vsphere converter tool.

Yes, we can't install converter tool in linux but we can install it in windows machine then we can migrate the physical machine to ESXi through windows VM.
Recently I did this task. Please follow the below steps.

1. Install a windows machine in ESXi host where you want to migrate the physical machine.
2. Install the vsphere converter tool in that windows machine.
3. But please choose the source machine as linux physical machine instead of "localhost". If you select localhost then that windows machine will be migrated to ESXi host.
4. Then select the destination machine as ESXi host.
5. Please remember we need to choose the same hardware specs as physical machine during the migration.

In VMware vcenter converter,
1. To open the converter window, simply given the source physical Linux server root login details.
2. Given the destination ESXI host root login details.
3. Given the destination VM name and choose datastore & VM version.
4. Now it showing the cpu, disk, memory & NIC details[same as Source server]. We can edit this settings and change the disk type[thick/thin], select no of cpu's, Increase RAM & change NIC settings.
5. Configure the Helper VM[Destination VM] network/IP setup.

That's all.
It will take time based on physical machine Disk size.