Sunday, 5 April 2015

Create and add quorum disk on cluster

Requirement: Two node cluster with multipathed iscsi storage.

Test 1: Cluster server

Test 22: Node1

Test 3:Node2

On test2, create a new 128MB partition in multipathed storage.

[root@test22 ~]# fdisk -cu /dev/mapper/1IET_00010001

On all nodes, run the below commands to update the partitions to kernel and multipath daemon knows about.

# partprobe ; multipath -r

On test2, create quorum disk on that new partition

[root@test22 ~]# mkqdisk -c /dev/mapper/1IET_00010001p3 -l qdisk

On test3, see the quorum disk.

[root@test3 ~]# mkqdisk -L
mkqdisk v3.0.12.1

    Magic:                eb7a62c2
    Label:                qdisk
    Created:              Mon Apr  6 05:21:39 2015
    Kernel Sector Size:   512
    Recorded Sector Size: 512

Then add this quorum disk to cluster[Luci].

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